Kate Bowman

Lucky Frill Shorts in White

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What’s your name and where are you from ? Where do you live now?
My name is Kate. I’m from New York and I live in the Lower East Side. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a cowgirl.

What are you doing now?
I am finishing my thesis at The New School, completing my degree in Visual Studies.

What’s your favorite thing about what you’re doing? What’s your least favorite?
My favorite thing about being in school right now is the flexibility it allows me to have with my free time. I love having morning breakfasts with friends and seeing where empty afternoons take me. I will really miss sitting in the sun in my home on a Wednesday at 2pm with space to fill however I please.

Do you have a daily routine? If so, what is it?
My day always starts the same way. I go to the same coffee shop every morning, sit in the park and listen to music or read. 

What’s a piece of advice you would give to someone starting off in your field?
Being kind and thoughtful goes a long way. And being on time.

Who do you find inspiring right now?
Isamaya Ffrench

Do you ever feel uninspired? If so, what do you do?
Watching movies always inspires me, even ones I’ve watched many times. Entering another world and perspective gives me so much space to see my own life in new ways. Watching a movie I've seen a lot is really great too because it makes me feel safe and understood.

Is there any hobby/talent you are not doing now that you hope to do?
I’m re-teaching myself piano, and I hope to keep up with that more this year. Right now, I've been trying to learn parts of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto. 

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
Walk around my neighborhood, write, look through photo books.

What do you love/value the most about yourself?
My faith in myself and my independence. 

If you had a week to do anything, anywhere what would you do?
My dream right now is to go to Tokyo <3

What/who inspires your style?
Isabelle Adjani.

What’s your greatest memory?
Falling in love with New York over and over and over again.

Favorite Song RN:
Evangeline by Cocteau Twins

Favorite Restaurant:

Favorite Beauty Product:
Rosebud Salve

Favorite Movie RN: Possession, always

Favorite Book:
Little Jewel by Patrick Modiano

Where will you be and what will you be doing in 2025 (6 years)?
Following my heart.